What is the quality of the transfers?

The quality of the recordings are based on your original material. If part of your footage has faults, they will be transferred to Digital. But we will do our best to remove any faults. Sound quality will be converted to a better sounding Dolby Digital.


How many minutes of footage will fit onto a single DVD ?

Up to two hours of standard quality can fit onto a single DVD.


What if I have a tape that is to long for a single DVD?

If your original footage is longer than two hours, the remaining material will be placed on a second DVD. Or the footage can be split onto two 1 hour disks. How the footage is split is completely up to you.


Can I put more than one tape onto a disc?

Yes. If the tapes have a combining length of up to two hours there will be no problem.


How long does it take to transfer a 2 hour tape?

Aproximately 3 hours.


Does the Disc play on any DVD player?

Yes, the Disc will play on almost all DVD players, new and old. Unfortunately this can’t be guaranteed. There will be no refunds for compatibility problems with your player.


How much will the courier cost if I’m not in the Cape Town (South Africa) region and can’t deliver it?

Just send me your address and package weight and I’ll get a courier quote for you. The quote will be for door to door delivery. You can also use your own courier if preferred.